Noop polyfills

A while ago a reddit post showed up, where someone installed version 9.99.99 of paragonie/random_compat. Seeing a package update from 2.* to 9.99.99 may be a bit confusing, but given how autolaoding, polyfills and composer work in php, this is actually quite a clever way of dealing with things. Lets take a look at version constraints, autoloading and composer to see why.

PHP extensions, polyfills and you

A little while ago someone ran into an error with a dependency of a project i worked on. A fatal error, which seemingly only occurred for them: the ctype_alnum function was not defined. So it turned out the ctype functions aren’t part of the php core, but are instead a ‘default’ extension. Lets explore what extensions mean for your project, and how to help your users with these kinds of errors.